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Living Life in a Language I Hardly Speak

I have been living in Germany for a month and a half now and a lot has transpired in the meantime.  The things that were disorienting when I first arrived are now mundane.  The things which catch me off my … Continue reading

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Some quick updates before I post something of actual merit

There are an awful lot of highly unhelpful things I could say at this point.  Things somewhere along the lines of “well who’d have thought it would take me so long to post this.”  Or “well look at that, it’s … Continue reading

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I read a lot of manga

(Mostly shojo, girly comics).  And I’ve always admired the way that mangakas share snippets of their lives in the margins.  It’s simplistic, quick, and frankly honest.  I think I’ll start blogging like that.  A few lines about my day.  A … Continue reading

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And now I use WordPress

Have you ever noticed that the world is becoming awfully dominated by google? Not that I really care or have given it much thought. But I am an advocate of change for the mere sake of change. And so I’m … Continue reading

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