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Some quick updates before I post something of actual merit

There are an awful lot of highly unhelpful things I could say at this point.  Things somewhere along the lines of “well who’d have thought it would take me so long to post this.”  Or “well look at that, it’s … Continue reading

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The last time my mother visited Berlin half the city was still barred to her access beyond the Berlin Wall.  Wandering alongside its famed East Side Gallery and visiting the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe I can’t help … Continue reading

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All the Rest: England by the Photographs

Time flies as it so often does, and this post, which I’d hoped to have up a few weeks ago and spread out over a few different posts on different days, has simply not been written.  But today I have … Continue reading

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One station before the end of the line every person seated near me stands up and files off as if on cue.  I appear to be the only one on the train actually going to Lichfield.  It occurs to me … Continue reading

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New York, New York In Three Parts

Thoughts From the Met I am in the Egyptian hall, moving on to others, and I cannot help but marvel at the fact that here, just four thousand some-odd years later I am gazing at these remnants of the past.  … Continue reading

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Beginning is hard, continuing is easy

Well, the months have passed and again I must conclude that blogging, though something I enjoy, is not one of my strong suits.  Neither is being organized.  I leave for eight months worth of traveling in just two short days.  … Continue reading

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How to Get Good Free Music, or, How To Pay as Much for Your Music as Emily White Without Breaking the Law

Well, with a few more weeks of not-blogging under my belt, I return with a topic very dear to my heart: good, free music.  Truth be told, there isn’t much of it out there, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t … Continue reading

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