About blog and blogger

Hi!  I’m Helen, a writer, traveler and occasional photographer of mostly ducks.  And apparently now a blogger as well.  I’m currently on my gap-year, exploring what I can and working to gain fluency in the three languages I’ve studied and half-learned.  (French, German and Japanese)  Other than that, I don’t know what there is to say about myself, save that I’m grateful for your interest in this blog.

As I’ve said many times, blogging, though something I love, is not my strong suit.  Here you can expect occasional posts, mostly about my life and the things I’m passionate about, including but not limited to: books, music, travel, photography, writing, poetry, culture, religion, Christianity, food and cooking, theatre, politics, social justice issues, feminism, epicureanism, veganism, and organic living.  I’m aiming for a post every other week, but I often fall short of the mark.

Also, (if you so desire) check out my Tumblr here.
My Listography here.
And my old poetry here.

A penny for your thoughts?

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