Some quick updates before I post something of actual merit


There are an awful lot of highly unhelpful things I could say at this point.  Things somewhere along the lines of “well who’d have thought it would take me so long to post this.”  Or “well look at that, it’s been almost two weeks longer than the almost a month longer than the time I thought it would actually take to get this post up.”  But I’m not going to say those now.

As much as I love blogging, it is still writing, and writing is work.  Pleasurable work?  Yes, but work nonetheless.  At the end of many of my short-in-hours but long-in-exhaustion days what I need is time to decompress.  Formal writing is not a way to decompress.  (Journaling, quick poem scribbling, daydreaming, planning blog posts, starting to write said blog posts, outlining short stories, all of the above are writing-related ways of decompressing, but they’re not really writing).  So I’m not going to be apologetic or cynically self-critical here- there’s no room for shame in writing (and therefore in blogging), and there’s certainly no room for shame in taking a break when you genuinely need it.

That being said, I do genuinely want to get these posts written and up, because they’re bouncing around my head and piling up on top of me all at once.  So here’s a rough posting schedule:

Living Life in a Language I Hardly Speak
Up by: As soon as possible (tomorrow, I swear)

Dresden and Hamburg
Up by: Never. Cancelled.  Not happening.  (the pictures will be included in a later post about Germany)

Up by: Tuesday

Up by: Friday

Up by: Monday the 26th

Die Deutsch Erlebnis (The German Life- not wedded to this title, but I needed a space holder)
Up by: Friday of the same week

My Visit to France (this hasn’t happened yet folks, but I’m spending a week in the French countryside after this week ends and I’m really, thoroughly excited)
Up by: the end of May

On Culture Shock
Up by: June 1st

Snapshots of Germany (Photos and a few short phrases about my touristy adventures, see here the Hamburg/Dresden photos, among others)
Up by: June 5th

One last post about my life in Germany and what I’m doing with myself
Up by: when I leave (June 10th)

For those of you who are wondering exactly what I’m doing at the moment, the next post will clear that up.  But in short: I’m living in a small town outside of Stuttgart, Germany and am studying German for six hours a day, every week day.  It’s exhausting and mind-boggling, but undeniably, unbelievably worthwhile.  Thanks for your interest in my adventures, and sorry (because it turns out that even if there is no room for shame in blogging, I’m still apologetic) for taking so long to write more.


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