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In Germany they say that “the Japanese come to Europe to see ten cities in five days.”  (Rough translation) I’ve been in Europe for two and a half months and I’ve seen some of Britain and I’ve lived in Germany, … Continue reading

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Living Life in a Language I Hardly Speak

I have been living in Germany for a month and a half now and a lot has transpired in the meantime.  The things that were disorienting when I first arrived are now mundane.  The things which catch me off my … Continue reading

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An Unscheduled Post for Family, Friends and the Folks Back Home

Folks, I’m working as hard as I can to get the post that was supposed to be published today up and done with, but it’s late and I just lost a good chunk (read the end of) my post to … Continue reading

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Some quick updates before I post something of actual merit

There are an awful lot of highly unhelpful things I could say at this point.  Things somewhere along the lines of “well who’d have thought it would take me so long to post this.”  Or “well look at that, it’s … Continue reading

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