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Imperfection is Beauty or Nice try Veet, Let’s See Some Real Diversity!

In spite of the significant percentage of women’s magazines that is devoted blatant sexism written, photographed and designed for women by women, I read a lot of them.  Years of reading these has made me almost completely immune to the … Continue reading

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It’s High Time We Got Serious Here, or, Updates and Upcoming Posts

Okay, so I keep kicking myself for not running a serious blog, and while I know that I’ll need to start posting once I’m traveling in the New Year, one thing I do not want this blog to be is … Continue reading

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I’m taking a break

Today is the first of September, a date which for many students across this country marks the beginning of a new year.  Some return to another year of school, some to a new year somewhere else.  For most of my … Continue reading

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