On Email Sign Offs

Ever since I began using email for more academic and professional reasons, I’ve struggled with knowing how to sign off.  Do I use a simple “thank you,” or do I offer “kind regards”?  What about warm ones?  Can I send “blessings” to people without seeming overtly religious?  Well?  Those weren’t rhetorical questions.

In all honesty, I think this will be something I struggle with for a very long time, possibly forever.  The problem with signing off to an email is that there isn’t a simple formula for how to do it.  It’s email, for goodness sake- not a written, posted letter!  You can be too formal, and yet, sometimes you can’t.  But emails between friends always seem to end awkwardly without a “yours truly” of some sort towards the end.  (And gracious, that sounds syrupy)  So what’s the verdict: how formal is too formal, how sickly sweet is overdoing it?  I’m still not sure.  But for now, cheers and ciao.  TTFN, I’ll see you around.  Warmest regards, I’m overdoing it with style and a grin.  Goodbye.



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  1. atelian33 says:

    I always go with All the best.

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